About henry stern

Henry is an advertising photographer with a passion for landscapes and people. As a natural light photographer, Henry can transform a scene utilizing lines and perspective. Henry's unique ability to view a scene differently than most helps create images that can appear natural, yet dramatic. As someone who strives for perfection, he takes a keen interest in bringing out the details of any scene put in front of him. When being different is important to a client these combined abilities matter greatly. Henry's passion for photography is what drives him and his creative thinking. Never do something twice when you can do something different.

From a young age I was always surrounded by photography. My father always had a camera with him photographing me throughout my life. I didn't really start to get into
photography until high school. I had always been talented in other forms of art although I never thought about photography. After using my first camera the Pentax SuperProgram (I still use this camera today) I fell in love with it. After high school the film rewind lever broke on my Pentax and it didn't receive much use. Around 2002 I found a Nikon F60 in my Mom's house and the process started all over again. At that point I was able to buy film and process it. I never took any formal classes on how to use it. A lot of money was spent on film to experiment with settings to find the effect I wanted. By around 2005 I ended getting my first digital camera whilst deciding to make photography my career. If it wasn't for finding the Nikon F60 back in 2002 I don't think I would have re-found my love for photography. 
Today there is hardly anything that can keep me from refusing the urge to take a photo.